There were also two crashes which very little is known about.

Type: De Haviland Mosquito?

Part: Unknown

Crash date: December 1944 

Crash location: Dodewaard

Commander: Unknown

Occupants: 2

This includes the apparent crashing of a twin-engine aircraft near Dodewaard during the last few days of 1944. The two crew members on board both lost their lives. There is no information about where they were buried, as this happened in the front-line territory. This probably involved a De Haviland Mosquito. 

Type: Supermarine Spitfire 

Part: Unknown

Crash date: 24th April 1945 

Crash location: Dodewaard, Wely region

Commander: Unknown

Occupants: 1 ​

Another crash involved a Supermarine Spitfire in the Wely area on 24th April 1945. But no further information is available regarding this crash.

​Can you assist us further and do you have any more information about these two mysterious aircraft? Please do let us know via the contact page.

A De Haviland Mosquito.

A Supermarine Spitfire.




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