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Type: Douglas DC-3 (Dakota)

Part: 512 Squadron RAF

Crash date: 18th September 1944 

Crash location: Engelandstraat, Dodewaard 

Commander: Sqdrn. Ldr. G.T. Southgate 

Occupants: 4

​This aircraft, number KG570, took off from Broadwell’s RAF airport on 18th September 1944, the second day of Operation Market Garden. It was going to fly to Arnhem whilst pulling a Horsa glider, carrying a Jeep, a 6-pounder anti-tank weapon, two artillery men and two pilots. On board were Sqdrn/Ldr Trevor Southgate, F/Lt co-pilot Albert Saunders, F/Lt navigator S.W. Bryant and flight engineer F/O Joseph Parry.

​They were suddenly attacked by German anti-aircraft guns at 14:21 hours, six minutes before their expected arrival time at the landing zone. The aircraft caught fire underneath the fuselage. The Horsa glider was disconnected, but the aircraft was already too low for the crew to be able to jump out with a parachute. Co-pilot Saunders did everything in his power to land the burning aircraft to the west of Andelst. This was reasonably successful, but the cockpit was burning fiercely and Saunders was forced to leave the aircraft in a bloodied state and with serious burns. The other crew members also suffered burns and other injuries.

​Navigator Bryant spoke a little Dutch and was able to establish contact with a number of farm workers who advised the crew to hide out in the nearby forest. The Dutch resistance took care of the crew later on. They were looked after by a couple in a house in Dodewaard. 

They were subsequently safely returned to the British army. Saunders and Parry were treated for their burns in a Dutch hospital. Saunders was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his heroic actions at a later stage.

​You can find more details about this crash in Trevor Southgate’s personal life story.


View from a glider on a Dakota pulling the Glider towards the Netherlands during Operation Market Garden.


Commander of the Dakota Sqdrn/Ldr Trevor Southgate.


The approach to the Dakota’s crash site: a meadow north of Panoven De Vree, between Welysestraat and Engelandstraat in Dodewaard. Coordinates: 5980-7030.

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