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Type: Avro Lancaster Mk. III       

Part: 49 Squadron RAF

Crash date: 15th June 1943 

Crash location: Waalbandijk, Dodewaard

Commander: Sergeant R. Frost

Occupants: 7

​This bomber formed part of an attack of an impressive 197 Lancasters, accompanied by 6 Oboe Mosquito's. 12 Lancasters, including this one with number ED434, took off from Fiskerton airport on the evening of 14th June 1943. On board were pilot sergeant R. Frost, flight engineer N.C. Hitchcock, navigator F/O A.E. Whittaker, W/AG sergeant J.R. Coulsey, F/S W.L. Chatfield, A/B sergeant V. Horsley and A/G sergeant P.A Toms.

​The Lancasters experienced a great deal of resistance from Flak anti-aircraft guns and German fighter aircraft, which resulted in a loss of no less than 17 aircraft.

​Sergeant Frost and his crew’s ED434 were shot down by a German Messerschmitt Bf110 G-4 night fighter, which was being flown by Hans-Dieter Frank from I./NJG1 and had taken off from Gilze-Rijen airport.

​The aircraft came down on 15th June 1943, around 01:15 hours, 2 km east of Dodewaard. 

The pilot and flight engineer were the only survivors and became prisoners of war in Stalag 357, Kopernikus. The remainder of the crew were buried at the War Cemetery in Uden.

You can find more details about this crash here.


Avro Lancaster bombers are nearing completion in the A V Roe & Co Ltd factory in Woodford, Cheshire. 


Hans-Dieter Frank, responsible for taking down the 

Hans-Dieter Frank, responsible for taking down the Lancaster ED434. 


The crash site at the Waalbandijk, between the third and fourth crib from the inlet to the nuclear power plant. Coordinates: 5850-6930.


F/O A.E. Whittaker’s grave at the War Cemetery in Uden. 

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