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Type: Hawker Tempest Mk. V

Part: 274 Squadron RAF

Crash date: 5th October 1944 

Crash location: Along the Tielsestraat, Opheusden

Commander: F/O G.T. Kinnell

Occupants: 1

​This Hawker Tempest Mk. V, number EJ709 (JJ-Q) took off at 11:00 hours with seven other aircraft from the Keent Airstrip B82 in Grave. The only occupant was pilot F/O George Taylor Kinnell from the RNZAF. The flight was intended to be an armed exploration of the Enschede-Lingen-Münster-Deventer area. But the aircraft was hit by Flak anti-aircraft guns around 11:35 hours. Kinnell managed to make a safe belly landing along the Tielsestraat in Opheusden. He was subsequently taken as a prisoner of war.

​The Tempest, which had suffered 15% damage, would later be repaired by the Germans, using parts from a Hawker Tempest, which had been taken down near the German Thiene.

​​You can find more information about this Tempest here.


A Hawker Tempest Mk. V.


F/O George Taylor Kinnell from the RNZAF, pilot of the Hawker Tempest Mk. V.

The crash site of the Hawker Tempest, south of the junction Tielsestraat-Rijnbandijk in Opheusden.

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An excerpt from the logbook of George Taylor Kinnell with on October 5, 1944 the telling words: "BROUGHT DOWN FLAK - FINIS."

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