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Type: Fokker C.V-D         

Part: I-2 LvR 

Crash date: 12th May 1940 

Crash location: Waardweg, Echteld 

Commander: 1st LtFl. H.C. Heideman 

Occupants: 2

​A Fokker C.V-D, number 612, departed from Ruigenhoek airport near Noordwijk for the Grebbe line on 12th May 1940. On board were commander 1st Lieutenant-Flyer H.C. Heideman and 2nd Lieutenant-Observer J. van Meel. The aim was to bomb the German artillery at Wageningen and to investigate the positions at Grebbeberg. 

However, the aircraft was hit by German anti-aircraft guns. Once the aircraft had still managed to drop its bombs, it turned and made its way south. But the aircraft was hit again just moments later, this time by friendly fire. This resulted in an emergency landing at Echteld at approximately 17:45 hours. The crew was unharmed and managed to reach their own ranks again via various detours.

​You can find more information about the events involving the Fokker C.V-D 612 here and here.


The approach to the Fokker C.V-D 612 crash site.

2157_045242 H.C. Heideman.jpg
2011-2339J. van Meel.jpg

The Fokker C.V-D, number 612, after it crashed with 1st Lieutenant Heideman and 2nd Lieutenant Van Meel.


The Fokker CV-D after the crash.


The wreckage of the Fokker C.V-D, with Mrs H.H. Veld-Van Ommeren in the foreground, who further defined the crash site as the polder west of the Prince Willem Alexander bridge.   

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