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The Municipality of Neder-Betuwe. These days there is little left to remind us of that devastating war. And yet soldiers fought long and hard here during the period from 1940 to 1945 and a great deal happened here. For example, at least 16 allied aircraft crashed in combat action within the Neder-Betuwe territory. Many of the 132 crew members involved gave their lives in return for our freedom. These were often young men who were only in their twenties.  Some others survived. 

A memorial has been erected in Opheusden, near the ABC site, which was initiated by the joint 4th & 5th May committees and with the incredible efforts of many. This memorial will allow us to remember them, as well as the civilians who helped those who survived out of gratitude and with the greatest of respect.


​This website will provide you with more information about the memorial, about the Neder-Betuwe in the Second World War and about the background of these crashed aircraft.

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